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Atlas's Removal Guide

Step 1

To start the removal process on VoterRecords.com, go to the homepage and conduct a search for your profile. Be sure to enter in your full, legal name.

Step 2

Locate your profile in the search results, then click on “View Details”.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of your profile page, near the footer, and click on the “Record Opt-Out” link.

Step 4

After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a final screen that will display, “Opt-Out Successful” if your profile has successfully been removed from their website.

Some profile removals will require you to confirm via email if you want to process this request. If you don’t receive an email and you get the “Opt-Out Successful” message after your initial request, then there are no further steps for you to take.

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