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Our Mission

Give everyone the power to access their data and control their privacy

Our Mission

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Give everyone the power to access their data and control their privacy. Atlas was founded with the belief that people should have control over who has their personal information.

We come from families of military, teachers, law enforcement, and we have seen first-hand the impact that an increasingly polarized world has on people who are vulnerable to threats of harassment, online intimidation, and doxxing. We know disruptive identity theft can be, and we know that scammers are only getting more sophisticated in exploiting your data. We’re doing something about this. We’re protecting you and your families from everything from unwanted robocalls to threats of violence to identify theft protection.

The team started by providing data removal services for celebrities, law enforcement officers, and public figures — all by hand. Then in May of 2021, Atlas was accepted into YCombinator, Silicon Valley’s premier startup incubator that also helped to accelerate Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe.

Who We Are

Our team brings together experience in cybersecurity, antivirus, and consumer technology. We're building the most comprehensive privacy solution to protect against data brokers and technology companies who exploit privacy for profit. 

Who We Aren't

There are plenty of bad actors who promise to help with data privacy, only to exploit people further. As a privacy-first company, we’re not associated with data broker websites and we will never sell your data. 

Our Values

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No hidden monetization, sneaky terms of service, or malicious data collection.

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People First

We believe that long-term trust only comes when you put people first.

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Personal Freedom

We believe people have the right to choose who has their information and who does not.

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Safety & Security

We believe in adhering to the strictest security protocols possible.

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