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Remove Your Personal Data From The Web

Remove your name, home address, phone number, family members, and other private details from hundreds of data brokers and people search websites.



Websites Covered

12 billion

Dark Web Records monitored


Avg. hours saved

Take control of your privacy

 Protect yourself and your family by removing your information from Google and data broker websites.

Prevent iD theft & fraud

Make it difficult for identity thieves to use data brokers to get your personal information.


Reduce Spam & phishing

Stop data brokers from selling your email and phone number without your permission.


Protect against stalkers

Block people from obtaining your home address through a simple Google search.


Reduce Robocalls

Make it harder for telemarketers and automated callers to find your number.


Features To Protect Your Privacy

Remove your information from 150+ websites
Make it hard for strangers to find you or your family
Stop data brokers repopulating your information
Reduce spam emails and robocalls
See breached passwords on the dark web
Protect up to 5 family members on a single account

Prevent People From finding your Private details

Names, addresses, phone numbers, identities of family members, and other private data are routinely bought and sold by data brokers and spam lists.

What We Protect:

Home Address
Phone Numbers
Net Worth
Voter Details
Voter Details
Court Records
and more...

Where You're
Removed from

With our system, we remove you from over 150 data brokers and people finder websites. We use our own search algorithms to scan each site and automatically remove your information.

Get Protected In Minutes

Atlas gets you set up and protected in just a few short steps.

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Submit your full name, address, email address, and other basic information to start your scan.

Illustration of a radar screen

Atlas goes to work

We scan 150+ sites and the dark web to find where your information is being sold or exposed.

Begin removals

Subscribe to Atlas’s protection plan to remove your info from data brokers, or go the DIY route.

We monitor the dark web

Atlas notifies you if your home address, phone number, email, passwords, or other personal information is found on the dark web.

Privacy Obsessed

Our business is keeping your information protected. Your information stays fully encrypted and we never sell customer data.

Our privacy pledge

From Our Customers

We pride ourselves on being the world's best data privacy service. Don't take our word for it, hear it from those who trust us.

Noticed a huge drop in spam calls instantly

My passwords were being sold on the dark web

Got my whole family setup  in minutes

"I had an alarming number of personal details on a bunch of different data broker sites...Atlas showed me where and got rid of all of it."

Don M, GA

"Atlas didn't just say my passwords were on the dark web, they actually showed them to me. Pretty cool."

Crystal G, NY

"Someone was posing as my wife through an email. Atlas found that she was way more exposed online than I was, and helped me protect her information."

Jeb K, CA

Start living in a world where you’re protected

Control your data in minutes.

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