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Protection for Teachers and Educators

Keeping teachers and educators safe in an increasingly polarized world

Educators at Risk

In an increasing polarized world, teachers and educators are often at risk. Atlas protects your your home addresses, phone numbers, family members, and other personal details.


Disgruntled citizens can knowingly post the home address of teachers.

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29% of teachers and 40% of administrators have experienced harassment and threats.

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Increasing Risk

As school board meetings and education become more polarized, we protect educators from threats at home.

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The Benefits of Atlas Privacy Protection

leverage the laws created to protect you

Atlas uses LEO-specific laws to show you who is selling your personal information and help you remove it as effectively as possible.

Automatically Remove Personal Information

Atlas uses a variety of company opt-out procedures combined with our own legal demand tactics to ensure the highest possible level of compliance. 

Get Continuous Protection

Atlas continuously monitors each identity to protect against repopulations or new websites distributing your personal information. 

interested in privacy protection for your staff or your members?

Reach out. We offer special pricing for groups.

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