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What types of information does Atlas remove?
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Typically, data broker websites sell personal information like your name, age, home addresses, emails, phone numbers, relatives, photos, social media, occupation, marital status, property value, and sometimes even more. 

We have procedures in place to force these websites to remove these types of information.

What information do I have to provide to Atlas to begin the process

In order for us to correctly find you online, we ask that you provide us with your primary email address, full name, address, age, and phone number. It’s important that all the information that you provide is correct and accurate to ensure that our scraping services work thoroughly at removing the right information from the data broker websites.

We will never sell the information you provide us or use it to spam you. We will not send any marketing emails or communications without your explicit consent, as stated in our Privacy Policy.

What should I expect with the Atlas free tier?

After you’ve provided us with your basic personal information, Atlas immediately gets to work. Our automated processes take the information you’ve provided and will scrape your information across hundreds of data broker websites.

Within 2-5 minutes you will start to see results, with the full results populating within 48 hours after the scan has started. After the scan is fully completed, you will see where your information is being sold, including screenshots in many cases. 

On average, you can expect about 80% of the results to be accurate and correct, as sometimes data brokers may mix up your personal information with the information of others. To help improve your results, you can go to your account settings and add more personal information to help identify you. This information can include the names of family members and previous addresses you have lived at in the past. The more you provide, the easier it becomes for us to identify you online.

On top of seeing where your information is being sold on Google, Atlas will also be able to see if your information is being sold on the dark web.

What should I expect when I purchase Altas?

Once you’ve paid for an Atlas subscription, we begin removing your personal and private information from the websites listed, immediately.

Although we may begin the process instantly, the time it takes for a data broker website to remove your information will vary. As a result, your data removed from each website can take 7 to 45 days on average to complete.
To ensure complete transparency, we'll keep you informed throughout the entire process. You can view the progress of removal from each data broker website by checking your Atlas Dashboard. In addition, we will email you periodically to also keep you informed of the removal process.

How long does it take for Atlas to remove my information?

Atlas begins the removal process immediately after your scan. However, data broker websites tend to take their time with a removal request. On average, the entire removal process takes anywhere between 7 and 45 days to complete. Some websites can be as quick as 24 hours to complete a removal from their directory.

Is Atlas associated with any data brokers?

Absolutely not. Atlas is in no way associated with any data brokers. Period.
We started this business because we saw many competitors who were actually data brokers behind the scenes. We want to be honest actors in an industry typically plagued by less-than-ethical individuals.

How long does it take to manually remove myself from data broker websites?

You can expect to take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes per data broker website to initiate the removal process. If you are on a lot of websites, you can expect to you take up to 50 hours to remove yourself from all the websites.

By purchasing a subscription to Atlas, we remove you from all the data broker websites and save you countless hours from doing it yourself.

Which websites does Atlas remove my information from?

Atlas removes your personal information from more websites than any other service available on the market.

To see our complete list of websites we remove you from, go here.

How often does Atlas scan for my information?

We complete a full scan every week. We're the only privacy service to offer truly continuous monitoring. Most other companies scan every 3 months.

You can manually initiate a scan at any time on the Dashboard within your account.

How does Atlas remove my information?

Atlas first identifies which websites contain your personal information through our proprietary web-scraping technology. Once we find your identity, we flag the website and order a takedown of your information.

We leverage privacy legislation such as the CCPA to remove your personal information.

Are there types of information Atlas can't remove?

At this time, Atlas is focused solely on removing your identity from data broker websites.

Therefore, we cannot take down information found in places like news articles, social media, forums, or personal websites.

If someone posts something damaging about you that you do not like, or agree with, we recommend that you reach out directly to the person who posted that information.

How many physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers does Atlas monitor for one person?

We realize that you may have a lot of information associated with your identity. To help identify you more accurately online, we allow you to add as many previous addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers as you prefer.

Additionally, you can add up to five family members to your account to provide additional coverage. Oftentimes, people find you through your family members, so it’s important to add their information to your account as well. By adding their information, it also helps to protect their identity.

How do I add family members to my Atlas subscription?

You can add up to five family members with your Atlas subscription.

To add your family members, click on Account when you are logged into your dashboard. From there, you can add your family members.

Atlas says it has found breaches on the dark web. What does this mean?

Dark web breaches occur when a service you use, or have used in the past, was hacked. The hacker then posts the related information on the black market for sale.

If we find your information on the dark web, you can navigate to the dark web tab to see what information was compromised. 

The worst dark web breaches include your passwords, but many times it only includes information like your email, name, and address. However, if your email or passwords to an account are found on the dark web, it’s best to change everywhere that password is used.

Does Atlas remove my information from the dark web?

Information from the dark web can not be removed.

The dark web is run by criminals who don’t adhere to privacy laws, and the stolen information found on the dark web is copied many times and is on the black market. 
The best thing to do if your information is found on the dark web is to change your breached password wherever you are using it. 

If you are still concerned about your information being available on the dark web, we recommend that you get identity theft protection – that way if someone steals your identity, you won’t be on the hook.

Is Atlas available outside of the United States?

No. Unfortunately, Atlas is only available to residents in the United States.

Why is Atlas a yearly subscription?

Keeping your information off the web is a continuous process. Sites can repopulate your information every few weeks. We monitor for this and remove it immediately.

Does Atlas automatically renew at the end of my yearly subscription?

Yes. For ease on everyone’s behalf, and to make sure there is not a gap in your protection, your subscription will automatically renew unless you tell us otherwise.

We will let you know in advance when your subscription is close to renewal so that you can decide if you would like to renew or not. If you decide that you don’t want to renew, you can cancel at any time by logging into Atlas, going to the Account Settings page, scrolling to the Subscription section, and clicking on Cancel.

Do you offer a refund program if I'm not happy?

Yes. We offer a 30 day, 100% refund policy for all of our packages.
This is designed to give you plenty of time to review what personal information of yours is available online and confirm that you want it removed.

How can I contact customer support?

The easiest way to contact us is via email: support@atlas.net We strive to answer all emails within 12 hours during the business week.

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