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Law Enforcement Privacy Protection

Protection for those who protect us

The Unique Challenge

When your home addresses, phone numbers, family members, and other personal details are publicly available, it leaves you at risk


Disgruntled citizens can knowingly post the home address of officers.

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Physical Threats

Criminals can use public information to identify your home and family members.

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Financial Harm

Identity thieves can use public information and exposed passwords to steal money.

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Laws Protecting Police Officer Privacy

Status of LEO Specific Legislation in 2022

Atlas for law enforcement goes well beyond the consumer protection offered by bills like the CCPA by leveraging two primary types of legislation. The first type restricts any publishing of personal details of law enforcement whatsoever. The second type of legislation makes it illegal to publish the private information of law enforcement officers with harmful intent (doxxing).

The Benefits of Atlas Privacy Protection

leverage the laws created to protect you

Atlas uses LEO-specific laws to show you who is selling your personal information and help you remove it as effectively as possible.

Automatically Remove Personal Information

Atlas uses a variety of company opt-out procedures combined with our own legal demand tactics to ensure the highest possible level of compliance. 

Get Continuous Protection

Atlas continuously monitors each identity to protect against repopulations or new websites distributing your personal information. 

Features created for LEO and their families

Atlas is a fully automated solution to protect law enforcement from data brokers who publish personal details. We also enable you to remove your public records.

Remove your information from 150+ websites
Remove address and phone from public databases (in states with LEO-specific privacy laws)
Stop data brokers repopulating your information
Custom take-down requests for LEO
See breached passwords on the dark web
Protect your entire family on a single account

Interested In Privacy Protection for your Department or Association?

Reach out. We offer special pricing for groups.

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