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Atlas's Removal Guide

Step 1

To begin the process of removal from USPhoneBook.com directly, go to their opt-out page here.

Step 2

Agree to their Terms and Conditions, enter in your email address, and check the box for the CAPTCHA. After that is complete, click on “Begin Removal Request”.

Step 3

Next, search for your record. Once you’ve located your record, click on the “View Full Address & Phone” button.

Step 4

On your records details page, click on the “Remove Record” button at the top of the page.

Step 5

Next, check your inbox for a confirmation email from USPhoneBook.com. Within the email, click on the confirmation link to finalize your removal request. USPhoneBook.com aims to remove your record within 72 hours of your request. If you wish to contact them directly regarding your record, you can reach out to them on their contact form.

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