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Atlas's Removal Guide

Step 1

To remove your personal information from ClustrMaps.com, start by running a search for your name or address using the search bar on the homepage. Once you enter your information, click the “Find” button.

Step 2

Scroll to locate the correct match on the search results page. Click the “View Details” button, then copy the URL for the page that appears with your personal details.

Step 3

Navigate to the site’s opt-out page here

You can also find this page by scrolling down to the footer and clicking the “Remove My Info” link under the “About” heading. 

Step 4

Enter your name, email address, and street address. Then, paste the URL for the page with the personal data you wish to remove and click the “Next step” button.

Step 5

Check the box next to each associated person or phone number you wish to have removed and click the “Apply” button. This information will be instantly deleted from the site.

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